Stargate CS:GO Maps

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[DE] Stargate Atlantis CSGO


Map Info :
Map Revision : 669 [Beta] Stable
Full H.D.R Effect (Bloom Effeckt)
FXAA Graphic System included
Cubemaps ( 32 x 32 pxl)
Navigation Mesh for Bots
MiniMap Radar
Concepttime : 1 1/2 Years
Buildtime : 382 h
Compiletime : 3 h 55 Min



Credits :
╔-●uPd4t3d Data
╠-●Gen. Hammond



[DE] Sateda P3X-534 CSGO

Map Info:
Revision 2.00 Final
Overview (MiniMap) [NEW]
Navgation Mesh with Names for Bots [UPDATED]
H.D.R Effect
Cubemap Size : 256x256
Not working Stargate at this Moment


Planet Info :
Sateda is a planet that used to be home to an industrialized race of Humans knows as the Satedans and was the homeworld of Ronon Dex.
Sometime in 1998, the planet was attacked and culled by the Wraith. The Satedans tried to resist, but ultimately failed. Today, the planet has been completely abandoned and now lies in ruins. Ronon believed that he was the last of his race, but little did he know that over 300 Satedans survived the Wraith attack. When Ronon was recaptured by the Wraith and sent back to Sateda to be hunted down, the planet's Stargate was destroyed.